We owe the success of the FirstWorks FreeStore to those who willingly give of their free time. There are several ways that you can give:


Thursday and Friday mornings beginning at 9 am. Tables and boxes for the food need to be set up. The foyer and sanctuary need to be prepared for our guests


Thursday and Friday 9 am-noon. Food needs to be picked up from our distributors, brought to the church, unloaded and set out for our customers


Friday 11:30 am – 3 pm. Food is passed out to our clients. People are also needed to help the customers with getting their food to their vehicles and bringing carts back.


Can be done any time. Researching grants, writing grants, going to area businesses, planning a fundraising event


Friday 11:30 am – 2 pm. Being available to pray with clients who request it. (You must be a qualified prayer minister – talk to Pastor Bret or Pastor Joe)

Community Service

Needing to fulfill community service hours? We are happy to hep, but arrangements need to be made beforehand. Please call (313) 292-1220.

Please call (313) 292-1220 to volunteer or get more information!